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About Us

Khichar Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

This is a private limited company and its directors having their own report and identification in this business in and around Rajasthan as well as out of it also. The company is managed by professionals who are having experience of over two decades in the civil and technical field. This is an Earth work based company providing high value-added solutions and services for the Optical related issues for NHAI and all telecom operators and in O&M projects also. The company focusing on developing innovative solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding clients. We have undertaken several OFC laying and commissioning projects to the complete satisfaction of our clients. The company believes in quality & timely execution of projects and has achieved its goal through dedicated services rendered by its team of well-qualified and experienced engineers.
Our technical staff is well trained, intelligent, having sense of creative imagination and possess dynamic energy to face challenges in the construction field.
Most of our clients are reputed and renowned public and private limited and multinational companies and in view of our excellent workmanship and timely completion of the projects, we get repeat orders from most of these organizations.
We have enough machinery, team and adequate infrastructure to undertake and execute in time major projects.
Khichar Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. had completed Earth work, civil construction work, OFC work, Gas pipeline work, water pipe line work , Mechanical work and others in given projects. We have many machineries and resources which are used in earth work, civil work, OFC and any other technical or mechanical work.
Having operation and maintenance of OFC in Maharashtra and Rajasthan state. These are multinational companies and Khichar Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. having good relations with her clients. Completed more Earth work, OFC & Gas and Water pipe line laying projects expected to win another Earth, Civil, Pipe line and OFC projects, Tolling, O&M of OFC and equipments and OFC laying work within this year.

Our main ideal is service to nation.

we aim at providing our defense forces with the best results!